Pricing and Plans

We offer the flexibility to start with no committment and scale up as your project or student clientele grows. You can change your plan from month-to-month depending on your needs. How and when you use the studio is within your control.

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Recording Packages

Studio A

Studio A


per hour

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* plus add-ons

Studio B

Studio B


per hour

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Studio C

Studio C


per hour

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Studio features




Climate control

High-speed WIFI

Computer with stereo speakers

Weighted MIDI 88-key keyboard

Guitar practice amps

Recording capabilities

Air-conditioning and heating per studio

High-speed fibre optic internet

Wheelchair accessible

Black & white printing over network

À la carte

No commitment, just pay for what you use.

Studio A add-ons



+ $73.50 per hour

Ampeg SVT-CL w/ 8x10 cabinet

+ $7.00 per hour

Heintzman & Co. piano

+ $6.00 per hour

Taye 4-piece drum kit

+ $10.00 per hour

Traynor YCV40 guitar combo amp

+ $5.00 per hour

Yamaha Fifty112 guitar combo amp

+ $5.00 per hour

All access (recording only) *

+ $12.00 per hour

Camera package (up to 4 HD feeds)

+ $50.00 per hour

All access option can only be purchased in combination with the Engineer add-on. To see a full instrument and gear list, please refer to the Strangeways Studios site. Video and remote networking equipment capabilities are excluded.


Save by subscribing to a plan

Regular Price per month


Member rate per month



















Plans are the equivalent of buying regular price credit at the discounted rate. How you use that credit is up to you. You don't need to commit to one studio. You could, for example, use studio B or C for teaching and with your remaining or accrued credit jam or record with your band in studio A. Any time you don't use by the end of the month automatically rolls over into the next. How awesome is that!

Use cases

Click on the case that most closely relates to your needs and see how Riffable can help you

You want to teach a couple nights a week

You have four hours of teaching guitar/piano every week, so you book Studio C with a weighted keyboard and practice amps on a weekly recurring basis at a time you determine.

I want to teach and rehearse at the studio

This can be achieved by selecting a membership plan that includes enough hours to accommodate your teaching and rehearsal needs. For example, if you taught in studio B or C for 2 hours every week with membership E4... (2 hours x $22) x 4 weeks = $176 for teaching $330 membership credit - $176 = $154 remaining $154 ÷ $40 studio A rate = 3.85 hours Assuming you didn't need any add-ons for your rehearsal time, you would have enough credit remaining to rehearse for over 3.5 hours a month after covering your studio rental costs for teaching. This would allow you to book one rehearsal session as we require a minimum of 3 hours for booking Studio A. Or you can save up your credit over time and apply it towards recording when you're ready.

I want to rehearse with my band once a week

While you can easily book one-off times à la carte, you'll save more by applying credit from your membership to rehearsal or recording time.

Recording packages

Record your music in the legendary Strangeways Studios on Vancouver Island. We guarantee to deliver commercial grade recordings that far exceed anything you could achieve from your home studio, in terms of both time and quality.

What you get

  • 32 channels of high-quality 24 bit audio @ 44.1/48kHz recorded through Audient Trident or Antelope Audio pres with industry leading AD/DA conversion
  • 4 x stereo monitor mixes, each with their own 32 channel submix
  • No-latency real-time effects, amp models
  • Drums are mic'd up by default
  • All access to our instruments and gear (see Strangeways Studios gear list. Video a remote networking capabilities excluded)

If you're well rehearsed and ready to record, we're ready to welcome you. By default, our studio is configured in a turnkey way that suits most groups who record with us. Depending on the complexity of your setup, it's not unrealistic to be recording takes within 20-30 minutes of your arrival. Furthermore, we'll save your recording and mix settings and recall them at successive visits, thus saving a lot of valuable studio time.

3 song EP

Work with our engineer for 3 x 10-hour days to bring your creative vision to life.

  • 3 days recording ($3,000)
  • 10 hours editing ($600)
  • 3 days All Access (FREE)
  • Includes engineer

Regular price $3,960

Package price $3,600


6 song EP

Work with our engineer for 6 x 10-hour days to bring your creative vision to life.

  • 6 days recording ($6,000)
  • 20 hours editing ($1,200)
  • 6 days All Access (FREE)
  • Includes engineer

Regular price $7,920

Package price $7,200


Our recording service is ideal for artists and bands who want quality recordings to then use in their productions back at their studios, which is why mixing services aren't included in our recording packages. We just want to do the best job handling the technical side of things and stay out of the way of your creative process.

* Clients requiring the creative input and consultation of our producer, Andrew Halliwell, should reach out to Strangeways Studios. Video and remote networking capabilities are only available to Strangeways' production clients.

No sign up fee, no hidden charges.

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