Most computers/phones/tablets come equipped with a camera, microphone and speakers. Below is suggested list to help you maximise your experience in lessons. We are in no way saying that you must go out and buy expensive kit, we’re simply highlighting basic requirements and how you would be able to enhance your current set up. Here’s a quick video on the various setups and some tips to create the best possible setup that works for you [link here] .

  • 1.

    Web Camera

    You’ll need a camera pointed at you so we can see what you’re doing.

    Cameras come in all shapes, sizes, resolutions and price points. Most laptops come equipped with an on-board camera, and while that’s awesome, you may want to upgrade your camera so we can see you as best as humanly possible.

    See the difference between using a built-in camera vs a webcam. [insert hyperlink into the above sentence ]

  • 2.


    In order to hear you well, you’ll need a microphone.

    Much like the camera, your computer probably already has a microphone included. Indeed, that microphone will work, but if we’re aiming for optimal experience here, you might want to using a USB microphone.

    Listen to the difference here [insert hyperlink to sentence above }

  • 3.


    You can choose to use your computer’s speakers or plug in/connect a pair of headphones.

    Headphones are always a good idea if you’re in a noisy area or want to help you focus your attention to the lesson. Speakers work well when you’re wanting to be cable-free and mobile.